SIBRIDGE has developed extensive capabilities in Application Performance Management, stemming from our Infrastructure and Development Practice consultants who have performed Application Performance audits on numerous client applications, as well as their own software. We have experienced “why” and “how” performance issues are introduced; SIBRIDGE now offers this as a formal service known as SIBRIDGE 360 Assessment.


Many companies have mission critical applications that perform poorly, are unreliable, and do not meet the needs of the business.  Using our experience combined with advanced automated tools and contextual analysis, SIBRIDGE evaluates people, processes, and technologies faster, more accurately, and more effectively than other consulting services. Merging this detail with our understanding of development and support operations processes enables us to develop comprehensive and sustainable remediation plans. These plans enable substantial improvements for poor performing or legacy applications with the evaluation of:

  • ‘DevOps’ processes such as Development Lifecycles, Release Planning and Change Management.
  • Application Code, Architecture, Infrastructure, and Databases


SIBRIDGE performs a targeted evaluation that augments automated analysis with manual review. Automated tools alone are not effective at finding architectural flaws, and they also return large numbers of false positives. Through our experienced consultants we perform:

Application Performance
  • Static Code and Code Metric analysis
  • Response time validation and evaluation
Business Processes
  • End user experience
  • High level end user Methods and Procedures
Database Performance
  • Data Model high-level review
  • High-level database architecture capability review
Infrastructure Performance
  • System Architecture Review (Compute, Storage and Network)
  • Runtime/Event Views



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