The SIBRIDGE Transform product offering significantly improves the bottom-line of your company by fundamentally changing your company’s nature, form, or character.


SIBRIDGE’s Transform offering specializes in the strategic implications of information technology and how IT impacts mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate realignments and consolidations, and enterprise transformation initiatives.  Our holistic approach leverages the synergy of people, process, and technology.  During Transform engagements, SIBRIDGE consultants exploit strategy, technology, architecture, governance, delivery, and integration in a manner that enables your company to achieve its business imperative whether driven by either external or internal forces.


The SIBRIDGE Transform product offers you the following services:


Due Diligence –

Our consultants will first perform the required business, technical, and financial analysis to determine the feasibility of the initiative.  If you are confident the initiative is feasible, our consultants will then develop a comprehensive business case presenting the costs and benefits of the initiative for your decision on whether to proceed with the initiative.


Integration Planning –

Our consultants will document the detailed people, process, and technology plans required to produce the intended transformation. These plans, or roadmaps, will specify the work, its intended sequence and interdependencies, its cost to achieve and synergies over the life of the initiative.


Integration Management –

With your business at stake, you deserve an accurate understanding of the cost and schedule status of your transformation project.  While traditional reporting methods rely heavily on guessing (i.e., 90% complete syndrome) SIBRIDGE’s progress reports provide not only percent complete, but also schedule and budget variances and estimates at completion.  Based on sound program management disciplines, this SIBRIDGE service ensures that the various aspects of the transformation initiative are funded, prioritized, tracked, and implemented per the roadmaps.


Change Management –

SIBRIDGE will guide your organization in a manner that fosters a culture that embraces, rather than resists, the change required to transform your business.  Through this service, we’ll work with you to develop the abilities to listen, communicate, train, and coach your employees through the transformation initiative.



How will you measure success at the end of this initiative? Through this service, you’ll develop the means to measure the performance of your enterprise with an emphasis on the achievement of results.  Once the measurements are defined and integrated into the business, our consultants will work with you to baseline current performance for comparison with performance in the future.


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