The use of independent directors on boards of private and public companies has long been considered a “best practice.” Independent members possess greater objectivity and less conflict of interest when contributing to the purpose of the board.



SIBRIDGE will provide an independent advisory member for your Enterprise Architecture Review Board or similar EA governing body. Drawing from our practiced Principals and Senior Consultants, we can provide the oversight you seek with respect to architecture experience and industry familiarity.



SIBRIDGE advisory members will participate in regularly scheduled meetings of your EA governance team during this service. Our approach includes:

  • Offline research and review of your architecture topics and materials ensure the advisory member contributes effectively when onsite.
  • Advisory members are available via electronic communication between scheduled meetings in order to answer questions and seek guidance as required.
  • Flexible engagement models allow you to appropriately manage the cost-benefit of this service.



  • Guaranteed IT Conscience
  • Hold IT to principles & roadmaps previously established
  • Voice unpopular truths and analysis
  • Provide IT executives with insight into EA effectiveness
  • Exposure to proven approaches and techniques leveraged by other SIBRIDGE clients – inside and outside of your industry
  • Guidance in maturing EA practices and processes
  • Assistance in developing strategies, architectures, as well as business cases
  • Periodic briefings on emerging concepts & technology trends
  • Access to other SIBRIDGE Principals and Senior Consultants for guidance on specific topics


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