The SIBRIDGE Integrate product offering delivers upon an execution strategy that includes integrated processes and technologies and also aligns with your business strategy.


SIBRIDGE’s Integrate offering determines the approach, estimates the cost, schedule, and effort of the solution.


It also conceptualizes the solution, sources the required resources, and completes the physical design, assembly, and deployment of the solution.


The SIBRIDGE Integrate product offers you the following services:


Approach (Build vs. Buy) –

This service guides you through the complex decision between a packaged software system and custom-created solutions that you develop in-house.  Based on the system requirements, our consultants will develop an RFP, estimate the cost and schedule for internal development from the same requirements, determine the percent fit from the RFP responses, compare vendor costs to in-house development costs, assess the relative risk of each approach, as well as make a recommendation for your decision.


Estimates (Level of Effort) –

This service estimates the cost, schedule, and effort required in order to meet some future state.  Our consultants will determine the scope of the system, estimate the size and complexity of the system, and then develop the level of effort (LOE) estimate for the system development lifecycle.  Since size is the critical factor in determining cost, schedule, and effort, our experts use a variety of software sizing techniques rather than relying on a single source or method for the estimate.


Solution (logical assembly of the assets to solve the business need) –

This service logically assembles people, process, and technology to best solve a business need. Emphasis is placed on containing the solution so that it can be matured over time rather than just piloted.


Sourcing (Who, Where, Why) –

Our consultants will identify the roles, skills, and experience of the team required to deliver a future state. Emphasis is placed on aligning the risk plan and score based on the human resources and technology to be applied.


Delivery (physical assembly of the assets to solve the business need) –

This service completes the physical design, assembly and deployment of the solution. Rather than deliver-once methods that usually fail to meet the user's expectation, SIBRIDGE places emphasis on retaining business agility through small, iterative releases.


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