Cisco Business Process Re-engineering
As their business expanded, Cisco ROS experienced less than satisfactory profit margins.  To address this, Cisco ROS identified a need for a refined Sales Lifecycle process to increase efficiency, gain control over the business and create focus on profitable deals that were strategically aligned to their business objectives.

Transamerica LTC Architecture for Web Applications
Transamerica LTC made significant investments in infrastructure supporting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), as part of a new go-to-market initiative. The new platform required a consistent approach to application development. Transamerica needed guidelines and structure for developing applications against this new, complex architecture that were flexible and structured to support their Agile team methodology.

Global Accounting Firm - Governance
Top global accounting firm had multiple major business initiatives planned over 18 months. Due to their decentralized management structure, and the divestiture of the consulting unit, there was concern over how to prioritize, how to measure, and a need for a process to support implementation of projects.

Neiman Marcus Group IT Demand Management
Collaborating with the client, SIBRIDGE helped the client team identify, integrate and manage relevant demand data coming from disparate entry points. Implementing an innovative cloud solution helped the client to integrate data captured from Help Desk and Support, Financial and Project Management Systems and enable its teams to collaborate with a complete picture of demand. 

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (DTAG)- Enterprise Architecture Best Practices
DTAG needed an effective way to integrate their operating units, business processes, and support systems.  DTAG’s CIO approached SIBRIDGE to launch an Enterprise Architecture organization that would bridge the integration required to meet their goals.

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (DTAG)- Cost Reduction Program
DTAG pursued and engaged a third party outsourcing agreement.  With the migration of key functions to a third party, many areas of cost control were either lost or neglected.  As the recession hit the top line revenue, DTAG’s CIO initiated an organizational wide cost reduction effort.  DTAG’s CIO approached SIBRIDGE to lead a cost reduction program (RTE Cost Reduction Program) that would enable their organization to provide the level of service expected from the business while reducing the annual costs to maintain these services.

Helmerich & Payne (H&P) Application Performance
Contract drilling accounts for almost all of H&P’s operating revenues, making it one of the major land and offshore platform drilling contractors in the world. As they have grown, the performance of their application portfolio had fallen to unhealthy levels, leaving business users unsatisfied and looking for alternatives. SIBRIDGE believed that H&P IT needed to adopt an Application Performance Management (APM) lifestyle, or the use of operational data from its technology platforms to initiate, deploy, monitor, repair & optimize systems.

MetroPCS Application Rationalization
This firm’s self-directed development teams failed to maintain visibility on the demand and commitments for its resources. Too many applications consumed too many resources. SIBRIDGE helped MetroPCS assess, document and develop an attainable roadmap of the future state application portfolio. 

Securus Real-Time Integration
Securus was implementing a new, custom-designed, centralized VOIP platform, the Secure Call Network, and needed a custom-built approach for integrating the platform directly with customer computing systems and 3rd party catering provider systems for billing and voice-prompt services.

Sprint 4G Business Architecture
The deployment of the new 4G wireless network required intense business, network and IT cooperation as well as the means to communicate with the wide ranging 3rd party software vendors supporting the infrastructure build out. A need for all parties to communicate using common and standard definitions, taxonomies and reference models was required to meet the stringent time lines for the deployment of the 4G network and services.

Sycamore Networks SDLC and PMO Establishment
Having experienced rapid growth as a start-up, ERI was challenged with product quality, predictability, and product cost issues that were eroding market position.  Introduction of a new generation optical switch brought about a “tipping point” where a new approach was required. 

The Planet Vendor Management
The Planet needed to explore significant internal infrastructure investment options entailing choices between vendor offerings and internal development. IT staff were fully engaged, and there were few individuals available with the combination of writing and analysis skills, as well technical experience.