SIBRIDGE is a consulting company; our services are our people, and our people are our lifeblood. 


The difference is in our culture. We hold our candidates and ourselves to an extremely high standard of ethics, professionalism, and capability.


Being at SIBRIDGE is as much about performing, as it is about sharing your skills with others. We strive to share our knowledge with our contemporaries, and to grow from each other while we use those same skills to meet our client's needs. The experience at SIBRIDGE is one of growing through collaboration with some of the brightest, most experienced professionals that you are likely to meet.


We extend the same sense of cross-development and shared knowledge to our clients, as well; our ability to pass knowledge on to their staff is one of the single most important services that SIBRIDGE can provide.


We want to get to know you


SIBRIDGE does not limit recruiting to immediate-need positions. We seek to establish lasting relationships with potential candidates, so that when the ideal situation arises, we have "just the right person" already in mind-and they have already established that SIBRIDGE is a place where they'd like to be. If you feel that you meet the description of what it takes to be a SIBRIDGE consultant or partner then please, contact us immediately, and let us begin a dialogue with you.


SIBRIDGE offers a competitive benefits and compensation program, including 401(K) with matching, paid time off, medical coverage, and paid training.


The SIBRIDGE partner


You are, in a word, exceptional. You have distinguished yourself as a leader or high-profile technical contributor. You have proven communications and technical skills. You may have participated in industry conferences or written for trade or academic journals.


Your presentation skills are compelling. You speak effectively, and are able to think on your feet. You have a nimble mind that quickly assesses the causes of difficulty in any situation, and develop non-threatening arguments that address the common truths and root issues, leading to resolution. You solve problems collaboratively.


You are able to subtly influence a meeting without taking it over or dominating it; you can identify and understand the organizational dynamics that affect the decision flow within a corporation and work within those dynamics to affect a specific goal.


In short, you are an excellent communicator and a talented technologist within your specialty. You are a bright, personable, presentable person from which our clients will want to learn. Our clients will like, respect and trust you.


We are always on the lookout for top-notch professionals, and our recruiting efforts are not limited to specific roles or engagements; we would like to hear your story, and tell you ours. If you feel you fit the SIBRIDGE profile, please contact us today and begin a dialogue with us.


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