The SIBRIDGE Align product offering ensures that business strategy and initiatives are driving the direction and priorities for IT investments.


SIBRIDGE’s Align offering develops a comprehensive picture of strategic management and intent –
Business Architecture.  We follow through with program planning and prioritization services in order to help our customers create lasting, high-performing linkages between business and IT.  At SIBRIDGE, we believe a comprehensive approach to enterprise planning, along with a sequencing plan and effective governance creates an environment that then positions the realization of your Business Plan for success.


The SIBRIDGE Align product offers you the following services:


Business Strategy –

To ensure alignment between your business vision and implementation, our consultants will develop a business architecture that validates business principles, goals, as well as strategic drivers. It also captures the business organization, and models the business processes.


Program Planning 

Based on your defined Business Strategies, the SIBRIDGE Program Planning service, guides the implementation activities.  The offering applies program design and program management best practices to ensure the proper sequencing of business and IT investment activities.


Operating Model –

Focusing on people, process and technologies, this service aligns the basic frameworks (organization, leadership, and management) of an enterprise to effective manage decision making, working environments and thought leadership.  The results provide a clear description of what your business does, across both business and technology domains.


Capacity Planning –

This service aligns resources to the business and IT activities defined as part of the Program Planning activity.  The SIBRIDGE Capacity Planning service enhances your visibility into program performance while improving resource capacity planning across multiple programs.



Our prioritization service aligns limited IT resources and funding with business goals and objectives established by Business Strategy.  The SIBRIDGE prioritization model factors in a project’s contributions to strategy, revenue, cost and regulatory objectives. This ensures that IT project prioritization isn’t just about cost savings.


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